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"Osteopathy is more than therapy, it's a way of life."

I got into massage therapy straight out of high school with the dream of one day owning my own clinic, and massaging horses. I had developed a fascination for the body and movement, and I loved the idea of being self-employed.

My skills evolved as I began working on horses. They helped develop my intuition and the ability to trust my hands. 

It wasn't long afterwards that I started perceiving different sensations in the body. I couldn't name what it was I was perceiving, but I was curious and determined to learn more. I enrolled into the Canadian College of Osteopathy on a leap of faith, having no real idea what Osteopathy was.


Within the first week, I fell in love with Osteopathy and its principles. Despite the many challenges I faced throughout my schooling, I pushed forward, with an inner knowing that this is what I was meant to do. 


I am passionate about the body and its healing capabilities, and I'm excited to share my new love of Osteopathy with my patients. 

additional training

biokinetic & biodynamic teachings in osteopathy (2023) 

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