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healing | genuine | inviting | warm | supportive
empowering | safe | connecting |
holistic | transformative | 
compassionate |

Megan Gagnon
owner & osteopathic manual therapist

My dream was to create a space that people felt welcomed and heard; a space they felt safe enough to connect with their bodies, and free themselves from pain to become the truest, most authentic version of themselves. 


The best part of my job is watching people transform before my very eyes; from a body in pain, to one full of vitality, health, and movement. 

“Megan is beyond amazing… She has been able to help and rehabilitate not only my body but my mind as well. I trust her completely and look forward to every appointment!” 

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn and experience working with an osteopath. I truly enjoyed working with you…”

“Megan has drastically improved my quality of life. I started seeing Megan Dec. 2018 for back, neck, and jaw pain, and problems with my right hip… Because Megan focused on finding out what was the cause of my pain, my relief is long-lasting, and some issues have gone away entirely (I have not had any jaw pain in 3 months).” 

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